Wine list

Why JinJi has chosen organic/natural wine?     
This wine should stay as the liquid of the sky and the earth:
the supreme drink "    
   Michel ISSALY  
An organic wine is elaborated from organic culture issued
grapes: absence of weed killer, pesticide, fertiliser,
insecticide and synthetic product... 
A natural wine is made from
the most natural vinification possible
respecting all the intrinsic qualities of grapes:
natural fermentation, without adding aromatic yeast in sachet,
without adding sugar (chaptalisation), no acidification of musts,
no enzymes, no finings and often no filtration or very light filtration.
Sulfur dioxide (SO 2 or sulphites) is added
the minimum necessary possible
or even omitted, and the level of
sulphites in natural wines is 7 to 10 times
lower than the authorised dose.
(No worries for the next day due
to white and rose wines!)
In this way, the organic/natural wines shall possess
all the expressions of grapes, terroirs and vintages,
as they accompany wonderfully  your delicious moment
at JinJi!
JinJi proposes a large choice of organic/natural wines 
which are attentively selected for your pleasant culinary experience.
You will find lots of jovial marriages of our food and wines
in our wine menu, including some "chef's favorite"s.
Selection of natural and organic wine by Laurent Cazottes and JinJi


Alcohol of sweet potatoes or tapioca, very typical (36 cl.)
14,00 € (per glass : 3,00 €)

Alcohol of 12 medicinal herbs including Gin Seng et Baie de Goji
"Beverage of hundred years"  (37.5 cl.)
15,00 € (per glass  : 3,50 €)

Alcohol of hawthorn fruits, very delicate in the mouth (37.5 cl.)
16,00 € (per glass  : 4,00 €)

Alcohol de green plum, aged for five years (37.5 cl.)
18,00 € (per glass  : 4,00 €)