2018 Menu

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양념통닭 Yan Nyeom Ton Dak

Crispy chicken supreme covered with special sweet and spicy sauce

유자소스 연어회 Jab che

		Sweet potato noodles, seasonal vegetables

제철 식재료로 만든 전채요리

	Starter of the moment inspired by the market


해초비빔밥 Hé Cho Bi Bim Bap

Sea weed Bi bim bap

회비빔밥 Hwey Bi Bim Bap

	Bi bim bap of raw bluefin tuna, seaweed yuja sauce served in a bronze bowl

육회비빔밥 Yuké Bi Bim Bap

Bi Bim Bap with Korean steak tartare of Aubrac beef , served in a sizzling granite bowl

맥적 Mék Jeok

Black pork echine low temperature cooked with twelve spices sauce

소고기불고기 So Bul Go Gi

Barbecue of marinated beef mushrooms individual cooking

오늘의 요리

Course of the moment

Daily suggestion


녹차 티라미수 Tiramisu au thé vert

Korean organic green tea tiramisu by JinJi's recipe with rose biscuits of Reims


Recipe inspired by the moment

초콜릿 밤 마르퀴즈

Chocolate-brown and sweetened chestnut purée