Jin Ji

진지 - Jin Ji means a meal for grand-parents and parents, prepared with respect, devotion and a mother's love.

Korean gastronomy is a reflection of Korean philosophy - harmony between Nature and Man, respect for others and patience.

For thousands of years, Korean mothers have created and perpetuated the secret knowledge of savours, using carefully selected seasonal ingredients. Korean cuisine is centred around this tradition of handing down through the generations a sense of know-how and finesse for a healthy and savoury cuisine.

With a similar culinary passion, Jin Ji proposes a refined dining experience resembling that of our mothers, without addition of flavour enhancers, without MSG and without artificial food colouring.

In this manner we prepare, according to the artisanal recipes of my grand-mother:

  • apple vinegar, Jeot, Gochujang and Kimchi ;
  • rice of more than three kinds of Korean varieties for health and taste ;
  • dishes cooked with Korean ingredients, like Insam and Pyogo ;
  • entirely home-made, traditional Korean desserts...

맛있게 드세요 - Bon appétit !